Share Your Passion

Share Your Passion
Make a Difference

Use your experience, expertise and passion to make a difference in the life of someone who is just starting out or making a positive change in their life and career.

Online Program

We develop our programs in partnership with some of the top professionals at the most innovative, respected, and important companies in the country. If this is a description that fits you, we would love to have you join us personally as a presenter in one of our courses. If you have staff that fit in this category, we would love to partner with your organization.

Our online program includes videos featuring real world examples of our “Essential Skills and Abilities for a Changing Workforce” from professionals at companies throughout the country. Participating directly in our course presentations is a great way to develop individual professional skills, while increasing your visibility and credibility in your industry. We believe that our presentation partners have much to gain from their connection with our program and would love to talk to you about how that fits for you.

Opportunities in the Classroom

Brighter Edge also provides institutional partners with access to a network of local professionals who can provide a face-to-face complement to the online lessons. Our students have an opportunity to hear directly with individuals who can provide them indispensable career guidance. You get a chance to give back to your community while connecting with students that could be the next great talent in your company. Everyone wins.


Brighter Edge helps people who are just starting out in their careers, or who are seeking to make positive changes, to develop professional skills and abilities that are essential to their success. Partnering with us gives you an opportunity to help others who may not have strong role models helping them understand the kinds of things that are necessary for success that don't fit in typical college courses. Interested? Let us know.