Financial Partnership

Make an Investment
Make a Difference

Sometimes making an investment in opportunities for an entire generation of students is as simple as writing a check.

Brighter Edge is embarking on an ambitious journey. We have a plan to help people that typically don't have the kinds of role models and life experiences they need to learn the intangible secrets of professional and career success. We can teach these college students, career changers and aspiring young professionals how to navigate the unwritten rules of professional behavior, relationships, and key life skills that have often been reserved just for those with a certain level of privilege.

We need you to play a part.

Not everyone has the time available to be a mentor, teach in a community-based program or train a group of interns. But you can help Brighter Edge to invest in the futures of students by investing in Brighter Edge.

Ready to make the future even better? Contact us about how you can play your part.