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Your students get an outstanding education, and incredible co-curricular experience, and now you can help them gain the key professional and life skills that contribute to their success after they leave your campus.

You work hard to prepare your students to lead fulfilling lives after graduation. It is the reason you work at a college. But your job isn’t easy. There is increased pressure to make sure your graduates are ready to enter a changing workforce, placing additional an additional strain on faculty members and career services. You can only add so much to your curriculum before it weakens the transformative education you provide to students.

We get it. With more than fifty years of combined experience in higher education, we know that you are being asked to do more in the classroom with fewer resources. That’s why we created Brighter Edge - to make it easier for other educators to complement their programs with the critical professional skills and abilities that students need to succeed in their careers.

Brighter Edge fits seamlessly with your curriculum. Because each module includes a diagnostic pre-assessment, students only need to focus on lessons and competencies that aren’t covered in one of the courses on their campus. If one of your courses already covers one of our “Essential Skills and Abilities for a Changing Workforce,” students can quickly move on to the next competency.

Ready to make your graduates even better? Let us know and you will be among the first to find out when Brighter Edge launches.