Let's Start With The Basics

How Will You Succeed? Only one-third of employers think that recent college graduates have the skills and abilities necessary for success. We facilitate learning experiences that support personal and professional goal attainment.

How Will You Stand Out? Nearly half of recent college graduates are in jobs that do not require a degree. We can help you lean the skills required to be competitive in the global workplace. We’ll show you how to make the connections, write the resume, and ace the interview on the way to your perfect job.

Brighter Edge helps you gain the professional skills and abilities you need to succeed.

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The Details

How can Brighter Edge help you succeed?


Interested in being a stronger candidate or employee in an increasingly competitive job market? Brighter Edge provides you unlimited access to the materials you need to master our “Essential Skills and Abilities for a Changing Workforce.” | Learn More

Colleges and Universities

Ready to take your graduates to the next level? Brighter Edge partners directly with colleges and universities to provide your students with a professional skills and abilities program that fits seamlessly with your existing curriculum. | Learn More

Businesses and Nonprofits

Could your employees be even better with improved communication, planning, and time management skills? We can customize our curriculum to meet your needs or fit with existing training programs. | Learn More


Interested in sharing your experience with the world? We develop our programs in partnership with some of the top professionals at the most innovative, respected, and important companies in the country. | Learn More

What People Are Saying

Not Convinced?

What if we told you that a lot of really smart people have confirmed the need for a program that helps prepare people for the skills and abilities that they need to succeed in their professional lives?


According to a recent poll by Gallup, only 33% of business leaders agree that colleges and universities are graduating students with the skills and abilities that their business needs.

Northeastern University

A February 2014 poll by Northeastern University found that 85% of business leaders nationally believed that only some or very few recent graduates had the skills or capabilities they identified as most important.

Society for Human Resource Management

Numerous organizations, including the Society for Human Resource Management, have confirmed the need for more employees with “Essential Skills and Abilities for a Changing Workforce.”